Thursday, August 16

dead Samaritans

I don't know if I'd ever try to assist a motorist in need; there are too many chances of something going wrong. It's safer and easier to dial 911 from my cellphone and summon professional help for them.

Nick Anthony Salinas' toxicology reports aren't back yet, but Dallas police say he must've been high. After an accident on I-35E a few nights ago, he apparently panicked when some guys stopped to help him, and he pulled out a shotgun and fired 7 blasts (the last one was saved for himself). Two men are dead as a result, and the police officer (Jerry Poston) is now blind in his left eye.

The police can cite you for FSRA [Failure to Stop and Render Aid] but I think that's only if you caused the incident. After reading the news about Salinas, I can't imagine ever stopping to help anyone, unless it's in the desert and they're without water or if there's only one of them, or if I'm with some friends and there are more of us than them and ...


Anonymous said...

ther are people very crazy outside in that accident die my cousin and for us is very hard to believe is not with us anymore. but he was god boy, and he try to help somebody don`t deserve. :( .
is god to help people but be careful when you do it please. thank`s

Anonymous said...

I don't know if I would be brave enough to stop and help after this. One of the guys that he killed was one of my best friends. It's just scary to think about stuff like that happening in the world when people are just trying to help.