Saturday, December 2

the anti-shopping list

I've been spending more time with my Mac (PowerBook-G4) lately, partly due to the convenience offered by its built-in WiFi. One of my long-overdue projects at home has been to slap my DVDs, videotapes and (gasp!) books into a database, and it's much easier schlepping my laptop from room to room, than any of the 3 alternatives:
  1. writing stuff down on paper, then transcribing;
  2. entering stuff directly into my PDA, which lacks a fullsize keyboard;
  3. bringing the stuff-to-be-catalogued to the PC, then taking them back
Once everything's online, I'll be able to move them to MobileDB (on my Palm) and then use it as an anti-shopping list*. Keeping it updated will be easier, too, since I can update the database on the Palm, and it'll be HotSync'd the next time I charge it.
* anti-shopping list [ASL] -- a list of stuff I already own. If something's on that list, it means I shouldn't buy it again.
An ASL would've saved me several times over the years, when I spotted something in the store which intrigued me, and I didn't remember if I'd already ordered it online (hence, in transit) or if I'd simply added it to an online Wish List somewhere.

I expect my ASL to become more handy as I continue to age, and can no longer distinguish between the things I want and the things I already have.

I've been a fan of Instant Messaging for eons, but never liked needing client software for each protocol (AIM, YIM, ICQ, etc.) .. I've used Trillian on my Windows box for years, and now found a Quite Good One for my Mac: Adium. The interface is clean, flexible and works while I'm WiFi'ing my way around the globe. I tried one called [Fire] but it had a nasty habit of locking up, needed a [Force Quit] to return the system to normal. YMMV.


Geoff Arnold said...

I hope you're not actually TYPING stuff. There are several nice tools for the Mac that let you scan a book's ISBN bar-code with an iSight camera and look up all the data at Amazon or the Library of Congress.

Gene said...

I can't decide which application will work best. There are 5 such applications listed on this site alone: The ones I hear about most frequently are Bookpedia and Booxter.

Michael said...

Dude - two words .....

Delicious Library.

You can find it here:

I've been using it for 6 months cataloging all my books, dvds, cds, etc....

Love it....