Wednesday, October 3

today's POTUS translation

This story is all over the web today:
"Bush vetoes child health insurance plan"
.. but it really deserves a translation, straight from His own lips:
"Your parents am Democrat. So, it's just gooder if you DIE DIE DIE."
.. as he says with a Cheney-inspired smirk. I've completely lost the ability to be surprised by the depravity of this regime.

Friday update: Today, President Quagmire repeated the "This government does not torture people" lie. What he meant to say was: "We Outsource Our Torture" (probably to the Albanians, Chinese, etc).

Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing his reaction to the use of "Enhanced Interrogation Techniques" on his daughter Jenna .. on her (upcoming) wedding day. Since he's confirmed that EIT<>Torture, I'm sure he'll be okay with that.

Double-bonus points if her sister Barbara is drafted to fight in Iraq on the same day, along with 25,000 of her CFRP cohorts.

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