Monday, September 15

divine retribution

Okay, I'm confused.

Everybody Knows (™ Fox "News") that Hurricane Katrina was divine retribution for a 2005 gay pride parade in New Orleans. And that Hurricane Gustav was divine retribution for the same parade (Southern Decadence) in 2008.

So what is Hurricane Ike divine retribution for -- Sarah Palin's nomination? Dubya's Presidency (since the target this time was Dubya's Oil Buddies)?

I'm just looking for the correct someone/something to blame.


AlecMuffett said...

Gene Saunders died earlier this month.

I think he'd like someone to say that barring resurrection in which he did not believe - and also overcoming the enormous surprise that this would therefore be to him - then this will be his last blog posting.


Miss you, dude. The world needs its troublemakers.

Mark Thacker said...

You will be missed, Gene.
Gene was one of the people primarily responsible for hiring me on at Sun Microsystems many years ago.

Mike said...

I just heard about this as well. Damn. Gene and I almost never agreed on a very many things, but he was always one of my favorite people at Sun Dallas. I called Jillbob to let her know.

We miss you buddy.

Anonymous said...


With Christmas nearly here, I will miss our bizarre traditional Christmas adventures. We gave Christmas day a new twist and it was always a treasured time to spend it with you. I miss you my friend, deeply. Christmas, as is life without you, will be eerily quiet. I will spend the day reflecting on your life, your light, your love, the fun we shared, the odd food we ate, the memories we made, the bond of dear friendship that we developed these past few years.

Miss you......

Judy Bob

Adi said...

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Mike said...

Genebob, Wherever you are, take a look at this:
I left Snoracle for the Big Blue Yonder.
The world has been a sadder place without you.

CrochetDad said...

Hello - my name is Gene Saunders as well. I learned of Gene's passing a couple of years ago, but just found this blog.

Although Gene was my namesake, we never met in person, we corresponded by email a few times back in the 1980's when I found his name on one of the TCP-IP support lists. I was a Unix system administrator at the time and the coincidence of having the same name as such a knowledgeable individual made me feel very special, indeed.

We mainly reflected on our similarities not only in name, but our jobs as well.

I 69 years old now, and retired from the computer industry, as the events of September 11, 2001 decimated the computer industry.

Anonymous said...

Yet another Christmas Day without your physical presence. I made banana pancakes this morning in your honor and dedicated the day to you, Gene!

Still miss our crazy traditions.


Judy Bob Christmas Day 2011.

Viagra said...

This does confuse me as well.

Anonymous said...

I don't want this blog to disappear into cyberspace thin from time to time I will drop by to say hello.

Anonymous said...

Still checking in to keep this blog would love all of the CRAP that is going on at FOX NEWS right now....every time that I hear something I giggle to myself that Gene would LOVE to hear about this!! XOXOXOXOXO

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine what you would be saying about this current POTUS....the Tangerine Terror is just awful. Miss you......