Tuesday, May 2

musical minorities

If you paid attention, you could see the impact of yesterday's "Day of Action". I noticed a dearth of "gardener carts" (pulled by ubiquitous F250s). Fiesta Mart's parking lot was only 75% full.

Of the five (5) people who were working at the car wash, three were Hispanic (and hence obviously illegal); a fourth was African and the greeter appeared Irish. I stopped by another grocery and noticed that today's checkers were African instead of Mexican, while the guys stocking the shelves and tending the produce were Guatemalan.

The worst experience was when I used the drive-thru at a QSR (fast food) and noticed the (Pakistani? Indian?) owners (probably) were manning the cash register. They were more incompetent than the usual Salvadorans-behind-the-register. The owners operated serially: take the order, prepare the order, take cash, make change, deliver product. Then (and only then) take an order from the next vehicle. There has to be a better way.

Yesterday, the order of the day was substitutions: one minority for another. Today, it'll be Business As Usual.

Memo to the INS (or whatever they're called, post 9/11): I was able to spot several dozen illegals within a few minutes yesterday. Can't you just put them all on boxcars and ship them back, south of the Rio Grande? I look forward to more Pakistani managers at the drive-thru.

Unrelated (?): whatever happened to The Frito Bandito?

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