Monday, May 22

Grammar Lesson

I really should take the day off; it's Victoria Day in Canada. Here in the US, we acknowledge the holiday by saying "eh" at least 2 dozen times, eh?
Deep Thought: I wonder if English teachers in Canada diagram sentences ending with [eh].
I'm not sure how the Canucks acknowledge our similar holiday ("President's Day"). When I was growing up, we had the twin holidays of Lincoln's birthday and Washington's birthday, since combined into one to make way for Martin Luther King's birthday.
A few days ago, I read one of David Duke(of Louisiana KKK fame)'s opinions that America's two worst presidents were (in order) Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt (the former for freeing the slaves and the latter for getting us into World War II). In Duke's mind, the Japanese wouldn't have bombed Pearl Harbor if we hadn't embargoed them, and the Holocaust is a myth (Iran's president Ahmadinejad must be a Klansman, too).

Sometimes I read Duke's rants and find myself agreeing (when he says President Quagmire is among the worst presidents), then he opens his mouth with these distortions of history and I have to wonder whether he's growing his own crack down in Louisiana.
Anyway ... the faux-French in Québec don't acknowledge Her Majesty The Queen, so instead of Victoria Day, they're busy celebrating Fête des Patriotes (a/k/a the Lower Canada Rebellion). It's only a matter of time before they succeed in seceding, eh?.

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