Sunday, August 13

do you hear that clicking sound?

Sometimes, I amaze myself by how slow I am in recognizing when something's about to break.

Such was the case this weekend when my 10-year old refrigerator stopped chillin'. I think. The first sign was that one of my new Mochis (found at Saigon-Taipei supermarket in Garland) was unusually soft, not like this frozen concoction is supposed to be. I thought maybe this flavor was different from the others, but didn't think much about it. That was Friday night.

Tonight, I decided to try another one, but noticed that some of the stuff-in-cardboard in the freezer compartment was soft. And there wasn't as much noise coming from The Box as usual .. just an unusual clicking sound. I rooted around, found the thermometer and took a look. About 40F in the refrigerator side, probably about the same on the freezer side. I suspect either a bad compressor or global warming. It might be neither. Call made to repair, but they can't get here until Wednesday morning. {sigh}

So, I took as much stuff as possible into the garage where The Beer Fridge sat underused. Some stuff in the refrigerator won't spoil : soft drinks and such. The rest of the stuff in the freezer may/may not survive the ordeal: mostly vegetables. We'll see.


Anonymous said...

Don't feel alone about being slow to recognize a problem, lol. About the same exact thing happened to me a few days ago. Here's my story:
Mine is a 19 cu ft white Crosley Refrig (freezer section on top). I bought it "used" in August 2003, Model #CT19G6W. It has worked FINE until the other day.
First I noticed a loud "CLICKING" sound which would occur about once every half-hour or every hour. At first I didn't know where the noise was coming from in my apt., but after about six hours I realized it had to be the Frig because there was now water on the floor at the bottom of the front of the Frig (and there were some drips coming off the top/freezer door and dripping into the Refrigerator section).
So I put a towel down and checked the frig every few hours and it was getting less and less cool. Went to bed and the next morning it was totally WARM, no more cool at all inside the frig. So I unplugged it since I didn't have a clue what to do with it (of course I had already taken all the food out).
I have looked at several "Refrigerator Troubleshooting" websites, but so far NONE of them described a CLICKING SOUND until I found your comment above (the other sites mention rattles and hums and whizzes and groaning sounds, etc., but nowhere did I find anyone mention a distinct CLICKING sound, as that is exactly what it was, a loud CLICKING sound every half-hour or so, for about 12 hours and then, voila, the frig was totally warm, no longer cooling, and not even running, no sound at all, no fans, no motors, no more Clicking, etc.).
Since I had a smaller 2nd frig, I put everything in there and have not called repair since, if it's a major problem, I don't think I'll bother. But if it's something simple, it'd be worth getting it fixed. Anybody got any ideas?
Many thanks!

Gene said...

in my case, they replaced the start relay ...

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