Thursday, August 17

the simple things in life

In the interest of Closing The Loop, several thousand of you are undoubtedly clinging to the edge of your seats, wondering how my appliance repair proceeded yesterday afternoon.

Can you say "perfect"? Good, I knew you could.

The repair guy (Appliance Rescue Service) showed up about 20 minutes after I spoke to the dispatcher, in an unmarked late-model minivan. He came inside, listened to my diagnosis, and went outside to find The Part (a "start relay") in his van. Came inside, installed it, waited a few minutes for the refrigerator to cycle, detected that cooling had started, briefed me on what to expect (full cooling within 10 hours, but allow 24) etc.

For my own amusement (and yours, my faithful readers) I documented it:

3pm: 78F (room temperature)
5pm: 60F
7pm: 50F
10pm: 45F
6am: 30F

Yes, I'd say things are working normally again. Ah, the simple things in life: indoor refrigeration.

I guess I should call Sears and tell them not to bother with the Saturday appointment, assuming they were planning to come anyway.

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