Thursday, February 8

.. and now, Float #6 in The Jerry Jones Parade

Anyone who's lived in Dallas more than about 20 minutes knows that the Real Power in this town does not rest with The Mayor. Or the City Council. Or the Head Southern Baptist. Or even the County Commissioner. No, the Real (Ceremonial) Power in this town rests with the Head Coach of the Dallas Cowboys.

Thus, a new Pseudo-King will be anointed later today: Wade Phillips will become the 7th coach in franchise history. It's all over the TV, radio, newspaper .. even Wikipedia has already been updated - and the official announcement is still hours away. It's all anyone will be talking about for the next week or so. All office work will come to a grinding halt. Productivity will approach zero.
Such is the case when you live in Dallas - the town that worships Big Haired Cheerleaders and High School Football - but couldn't give a flip about academia. This is evidenced by SMU's decision to host the President Quagmire Liberry, completing their transition from a nondescript pseudo-academic institution into a purely Right Wing Political Vomitorium - where future Buffys and Brads will get their non-educations. Yet, I digress ...
When I moved to Dallas in 1993, The Original Coach [TOC] -- Tom Landry -- had been out of a job for 5 years. Jerry Jones bought the team in February 1989 and the first thing he did - before saying hello - was to fire TOC and replace him with Jimmy Johnson, who stayed about 5 years (winning Super Bowls in 1993 and 1994).

I moved to Dallas in August 1993 and watched them win Super Bowl 28 (under Johnson) and Super Bowl 30 (under Switzer). There's been a Super Bowl drought ever since - partly because The Real King (Jerry Jones) cannot keep from meddling. Heck, during the most recent change, he did (in sequence):

1- accept the head coach's resignation
2- hired new assistant coaches
3- hired new head coach

Naturally, this tells the new head coach who's really in control - The Owner - since the decision of who will be assistant coaches does not rest with The Head Coach (well, it did - contractually - under Bill Parcells, but Those Days Are Over).

1st - Tom Landry (270-178-6) - 2 Super Bowl wins - 1972 and 1978
And then here's the Jerry Jones Parade:
2nd - Jimmy Johnson (51-37) - 2 Super Bowl wins - 1993 and 1994
3rd - Barry Switzer (45-26) - 1 Super Bowl win - in 1996
4th - Chan Gailey (18-14)
5th - Dave Campo (15-33) - only Cowboys coach with a losing record
6th - Bill Parcells (34-32)
7th - Wade Phillips (record TBD)

I wonder when Jerry will begin interviewing for the next Head Coach in The Parade?

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William Bob said...

Before he was TOC (The Original Coach), Tom Landry was TOCTCHEH (The Only Coach The Cowboys Have Ever Had). Some might argue that Landry is still TOCTCHEH.