Thursday, April 26

all cancers must be cured, right?

The venerable is pulling the plug at noon tomorrow! I noticed a blinking exclamation mark in the icon and it pointed here: All Good Things Come To An End… (no clue how long that notice will remain online).

Since my collective PCs have provided many years (7 years, 278 days) of compute power, I'll have to think where (or if) to redirect their energies (Literally. Running the CPUs at 100% requires more electricity than normal workloads).
Click the label: (below) if you'd like to see my musings on the topic over the past few years.
They're recommending these alternate projects:
  1. World Community Grid
  3. Compute Against Cancer
  4. Folding@Home
  5. fightAIDS@Home
  6. LHC@home
  7. Distributed Folding
  8. SETI@home
They're also recommending these sites to learn more about these and other projects:
  1. EnterTheGrid ("The world's largest directory on Grid computing")
  2. Grid Cafe (CERN)
  3. Open Grid Forum
  4. The Israeli Association of Grid Technologies
One of the things that kept me going for so many years was the team of which I was a member: Team Shield. It looks like I'll finish in 5th place:

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