Saturday, April 7

all shopped out

Jill was in own this week, to visit her dentist and take in a Stars game, and .. to shop. We started off at Kampai (sushi), then moseyed to Northpark Center (Eddie Bauer and the Apple store), then onto West Elm (furniture); Trinity Hall (nourishment); Pokey O's (dessert) and Half-Price Books (to buy vs. sell). No idea when she leaves or gets home.

Today it was Judy's turn: we fed at the Waffle House, then onto Saigon-Taipei (grocery); Hiep-Thai (grocery); Gateway Travel; watch a DVD (A Good Year); and Half-Price Books (to sell vs. buy).

I now think I'm All Retailed Out for awhile. Tomorrow, most stores will probably be closed (Easter Sunday in The Bible Belt) and it's a bit chilly (1°C tonight) so I'll probably be able to kick back and Read A Good Book tomorrow.

Unrelated: today's Texas Idiot Of the Day is Dan Patrick, who walked out on a different (than His own) religion's prayer. Patrick is a Texas state senator from Houston, and fulltime White Christian Republican radio talkshow host. I'm guessing he'd like better ratings, which is why he pulled this stunt.


Jill said...

At least I don't have buyer's remorse, not yet anyway.

I left Friday afternoon at 2:30 from Farmersville and got home at 1:10am. Only stopped twice along the way. Woke up with really, really sore hips yesterday morning, presumably from stopping only twice in over 10 1/2 hours. Almost back to normal today. Woohoo.

Thanks for the retail therapy accompaniment. Trish helped on Thursday. :-)

Gene said...

I'm having minor buyer's remorse. The grapefruit candle which smelled so good in the store has a barely perceptible aroma once lit. Hmmm.