Friday, April 20

what she said

I can't do The Virginia Tech Massacre much more justice than In the Pink Texas did already: Aiming into the Wind. Sure, I have some issues with the posting. The part about how it's okay to kill birds with a shotgun is repulsive; the solution of banning all pistols is horribly naive (and the "citation" remedy is straight out of President Quagmire's "How To Be A Good Precedent" [sic] handbook).

That said, there are parts of this posting that are worthwhile, especially the last paragraph. Yes, the gun lobby has paid off far too many politicians (under the guise of "targeted campaign contributions") to ever be reigned in, so the chance of a solution is z-e-r-o. Oops .. Zero with a capitol [sic] Z.

The "Pink blog post" reminds me of how conflicted I remain whenever I waddle over to the KKK's Blog .. I find myself agreeing with about half some of the stuff (President Quagmire's Regime), but the other half rest (primarily a series of racist rants) bears no semblance to sanity/reality. Example: their take on The Massacre is that it's the fault of our immigration policy which allows Asians (oops .. they say "Orientals") into this country in the first place. The KKK are absolute morons .. 98.6% of the time.

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