Monday, May 28

just wait until `09

Barring more of Texas Governor PrettyHair's (in)famous Special Sessions, the Texas Legislature has concluded its work until 13 January 2009. It'll be a few more days until PrettyHair signs some legislation and vetoes others. It's a good great thing that this travesty of governance only happens biennially.
(for those of you who are Texas-edjicated, that's a Big People's Word that means "every two years")
There are several blogs that do a credible job of covering what goes on (far, far better than the local disgrace newspaper - the Dallas Managed News, which is increasingly irrelevant). Here are my Top Four picks (all have RSS feeds, thank-you-very-much):

Burnt Orange Report
Pink Dome
Texas Kaos
Texas Observer

Ones you can safely ignore: Capitol Letters and Dallas Managed News Editorial Board (a defacto mouthpiece for the SMU-inspired Loyal Bushies).

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