Saturday, June 7

Texas' two hack Senators

"I can see states like Texas having not one but two hack Senators. People who never propose or cosponsor any significant legislation while in office. People like Hutchison and Cornyn, who are the worst type of go-along-to-get-along lackey for the Bush administration. People who view their role as doing anything to preserve their own power and who never have an original or courageous idea while in office."
- Alec Baldwin
The odds of his comment (directed to the people of Minnesota regarding their candidates) being published in any of the right-wing Texas newspapers (like The Dallas Managed News) are Z-E-R-O .. but he wasn't talking to us. Still, he's spot on.

I have yet to understand Texans' fascination with Kay Bailey Hutchison, who will undoubtedly run for Texas Governor at the next opportunity. Still, she's revered by her Republic Party although she doesn't hold a candle to the late great (Democrat) Ann Richards*.
*slandered by Karl Christian Rove in order to get George Dubya Bush elected Texas Governor .. and how did that work out for ya?
And don't get me started on the Texas Junior Senator, John Cornyn .. a lackey of The John Twins (Hagee and McCain) - what an embarrassment. As I've blogged before - only A Chosen Few White Oil Barons have any real representation here - the other 99.9% of us are saddled with political hacks.

Alec - I'm gonna send you a Valentine's Day card.

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