Thursday, June 12

weathering the blame game

Okay, I'm confused.

I haven't been following it that closely, but know that the "upper midwest" has been hammered in the past few days .. rain, floods, tornadoes. What perplexes me is that the televangelists haven't been on the air telling the rest of us that these folks are on the receiving end because they haven't been Christian enough.

Why is it that it's okay to blame predominantly black parts of the country for their sinnin' but predominantly white sections get a pass from the Christianists? I found it very unusual that yesterday's tornado took direct aim at a Boy Scout Camp (killing four), but not one of the ministers explained that it was their god's wrath because the Boy Scouts won't admit homosexuals.

How is it they're allowed to eat both ends of the cake?

I asked a friend for comment before posting; she replied:

Exactly. And at the opposite end of the scale, why aren't all the politicians being blamed for it happening?

Another question: why is it somehow worse that an individual lost all their possessions in Katrina than it is if they lost all their possessions in some other weather-caused event? On an a total size perspective, absolutely Katrina was worse. For any given person, whether they lost everything in Katrina or lost everything in the floods happening now elsewhere, they still lost it all ... poor person in New Orleans or poor person in Iowa/Indiana ... gone. Shouldn't matter what color they are. Politicization of race happens on both ends of our lovely political system.

So one one end, there's the far-right weirdos saying it's god's wrath in the New Orleans (but nowhere else). On the other end, it's the far left saying that a poor black person who lost everything in New Orleans needs our sympathy/help/resources more than a poor white person in Iowa. Neither instance is fair.

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