Thursday, October 26

polls alone won't cut it

Prediction: when Wednesday morning, November 8th rolls around, Democrats around the country will be pounding their heads against the wall, wondering why they weren't able to take back either the House or the Senate. Right now, they're busy high-fiving each other as they review the various polls showing their leads in many races.

What will happen between now and then is that The Republican Get-Out-The-Vote machine will squash them like a steamroller. The Democrats haven't figured out that they need to get their voters to the polls (and avoid the rigged electronic voting machines) before they can declare victory.

Well, at least they'll be happy for a few more days. Until the votes have been counted. Then, it'll be back to Rove-As-Usual. They have only themselves to blame.

It's very odd to see this sign, which has been unheard of during most of the time I've been in Texas. Democrats have kept a low profile for the past dozen years, only meeting in secluded places such as coffee shops and bookstores.

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