Friday, October 27

Republican scare tactics (part eleventy-four)

In the past week, I've received a different daily phone call from either a Republican shill or a Republican candidate. Today, the NCSP (or was it NSCP?) called and repeatedly begged me to "press 1" to indicate my opposition to same-sex marriage.

Since I didn't comply, I'm sure they'll keep calling until I buckle. The CallerID just says "Out of Area" so they're obviously too ashamed of their tactics to call from a verifiable phone number. Also funny how they didn't ask me to "press 2" to indicate that I think there are more important things in life, and how I couldn't care less about gay marriage. If they want it, fine by me. If they don't, fine by me.

It doesn't stop with the phone calls. Each day, I get a direct-mail piece telling me that the Democrats are (en masse) extraterrestrials (see above) but never what positives their own candidates possess - probably because their candidate's only positive is their desire to hold onto power, and protect pedophiles.

If you take the time to read the fine print in their direct mail piece, you can't help but laugh. Example: the first item says that the Democratic candidate defended drug dealers, child molesters and rapists. Oh my goodness - how awful!! HIDDEN MEANING: those being accused of a crime must be defended by someone with questionable morals (Republicans are above reproach and would turn down all those cases, you see). The rest of the stuff is equally absurd, but notice that they boldfaced all the juicy stuff ("child molesters"; "adult video"; "sued for malpractice") with none of the explanatory details. After all, who needs details when all you can read are headlines?

and then another direct mail piece from The Republican Party of Texas:

HIDDEN MEANING: Democrats will eat your babies (unless they're busy carrying flashlights for Mexicans to cross the border). It's too bad the average inbred Texas voter will slurp this up like an Arctic Rush® at Dayree-Queen.

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