Saturday, June 2

Yet Another Milestone

.. and then there was the article in today's newspaper about the happy people of Crawford, Texas .. now relieved that the war protestors (led by Cindy Sheehan) will no longer be coming to Crawford, interrupting their formerly-placid lives. Yeah, remembering those 3,480 dead soldiers is such an annoyance.

It seems like only yesterday, when the number of dead US soldiers from President Quagmire's Campaign For Glory passed 3,000. Now, we're only a day or two (at the current "run rate") of reaching the milestone of 3,500 dead.

A few weeks ago, I added the [US Fatalities] widgit to my laptop (running OS X) which keeps it in my mind ...

unrelated: another power failure @ 00:34 last night (shortly after midnight, for you time-challenged readers). this one lasted all of 90 seconds.

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