Sunday, June 17

homophobes? in TEXAS?!?

The Dallas Managed News headline reads "Leppert elected Dallas mayor" and the details are written between the lines. Several of my (Old White Christian Republican) neighbors voted for Leppert because the alternative was to vote for Ed Oakley, and they feared that Dallas would then be known as That Gay City. Unbelievable.

Certainly, Oakley had at least seven strikes against him:

1. He's gay.
2. He's a Democrat in a Red State.
3. He's gay.
4. He's spent 20 years in Dallas politics (excess experience).
5. He's gay.
6. His opponent's White Christian Republican phone banks were working overtime to instill fear - that Dallas was about to become the San Francisco of Texas.
7. He's gay.

Leppert clearly bought the race; I suspect he's simply seeking a legacy longer than that offered by his prior employer (a giant construction company). He has zero political experience and is a Loyal Bushie, so I'm expecting Absolutely Nothing from his term in office, other than to see what monument or building or bridge he wants named after himself. Political outsiders seldom (if ever) last more than one term, and start showing their frustration around Month 18 (set your clocks for January 2009 to see if I was right).

As I've babbled earlier, the Dallas Mayor's position is more ceremonial than anything else - it's really City Council Seat #15. I suspect Uncle Tom (Leppert) will find that out soon enough.

worth noting: one of the Dallas Managed News columnists whines that they didn't submarine Oakley's chances (of course they did). Amusingly enough, the columnist doing all the whining (Jacquielynn Floyd) has zero credibility of her own. Witness the laughable "baby photo" that has accompanied her column for years -- it was taken during the Carter administration, so say my sources.

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