Saturday, June 30

the c word (lower case "c")

I went to my ophthalmologist yesterday to find out why my right eye's malfunctioning, and got the news that I have a cataract (early stage). Well, isn't that special? He gave me some drops (Travatan Z) to take each night and we'll decide what to do about this in 30 days. Until then, life's blurry on my right side.

PS: I'm posting this today using a Nokia 770, partly to see how practical it is (early verdict : a regular keyboard is much faster but the autocomplete feature is nice, and it's hard to beat the portability). I've used it to fetch email and do some basic web surfing, but had trouble with the (Pidgin) IM client.


Geoff said...

So you got a 770, eh? I imagine that mine is sitting in my mailbox back in Seattle.

Bummer about the cataract.

Gene said...

Yes, it was (like you) an "impulse buy" from .. since it shipped from Carrollton, TX I had it the next day via FedEx Ground.

As to The Cateract, I'm starting to read about what's involved in the removal. The doctor said it's common for them to appear in both eyes (near simultaneously) but after thorough examination of my left eye, he branded it Cataract Free (for now).