Sunday, June 24

Grading The Boss

Just when I think The Bush Regime can't sink any lower, comes news that (de-facto President) Dick Cheney has announced that He is immune from laws passed to harness the Executive Branch. And guess who gets to decide if that's correct? His hand-picked poolboy, Alberto Gonzalez.

Anyone want to hazard a guess how "Berto" will rule against his Boss?

I'm starting to wonder if there's any way to force a 2007 version of The Nuremberg Trials for these cretins. I'll bring the popcorn to the finale.

Meanwhile, President Quagmire's approval rating has dropped to that of Richard Nixon. I can't believe he still has ANY base, outside the Park Cities (where Radical Right Wing University .. er .. SMU .. is about to erect a monument to His greatness in the form of the Bush Pressidenshul Liberry). Those insular idiots worship His every breath (and still proudly displays those [W] stickers on their luxury SUVs). Unbelievable. They deserve a Nuremberg finale, too.

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