Thursday, December 4

another day, another word

Had a major domestic emergency tonight: Pandora ran out of cat litter! Since Pandora uses a LitterMaid™, she has a different brand of litter than Samantha. So, I went to Target® (open late for The Season) and purchased two boxes of Arm & Hammer® Super Scoop®. Now, Pandora can purr easier, knowing that she has a backup box onsite.

I signed up for a blood donation tomorrow (those who frequent the Gene Bob Blog know this is the 2nd one for me this year: see the July 29+31 entries). I look at it as way to get a free cholesterol test! While on the blood donation web site, I spotted an unfamiliar word: autologous. defines autologous as: derived or transferred from the same individual's body. Well, okay, yeah.

Got an email from the woman who runs advising that there will be no list this week. as a resulI, i will preserve numerous brain cells.

Another tidbit I learned today: buzz marketing (no relation to seagull management)

and then there was an interesting article titled The RFID Imperative.
Deep Thought #18: I wonder if McDonald's will put RFID tags in every Quarter Pounder?