Friday, February 3

road trip : day one

gotta git me some-o-dat flavored syurp (at the World-Famous Canton, TX Dairy Palace)

I got The Call this morning at about 6:30, soon after I'd fetched the morning paper. I'd already made plans for an urgent trip to Mississippi, since mom's health was deteriorating rapidly.

It takes about an hour longer to drive door-to-door, than to fly (drive to DFW, park, take an airport shuttle, wait, fly, rent a car @ JAN, drive 2 hours) .. and you're at the mercy of ATC. I opted to drive, especially since a lot of schedule uncertainty would be ahead.

It rained hard today, for about half the drive. I encountered snow (on the side of I-20) about 10 miles before Vicksburg MS, and again a few miles north of Jackson MS. For about a minute, I was hailed on (no obvious damage from the pea-size hail). And there were several nearby lightning strikes. I didn't spot any toads falling from the sky.

Although I knew there was hail in the area (from a few quips on the CB radio) I wasn't able to dodge it. All I saw was a dark black cloud .. but where would it go? It's not like I could knock on someone's door and ask if I could park my car while the hailstorm passed.

Drive time: 7 hours 45 minutes. No major delays.

I stopped by the funeral home this afternoon and got the form they use to gather all the information; it'll be the basis for the Death Certificate; newspaper obituaries; and sundry other documents. I completed it tonight:

Vital Statistics Record
residence address
education level
marital status
spouse's name
social security number
telephone number
veteran? Branch:
service number
enlistment date
discharge date
father's name & birthplace
mother's name & birthplace
church membership

list of surviving relatives

funeral service information
place of funeral service
date of funeral service
time of funeral service
place of visitation
date of visitation
time of visitation
final disposition: burial/entombment/cremation/other
Bible/literary passages
musical selections
pall bearers
clothing preferred: own/funeral home/other
jewelry: on/off disposition after service
glasses: on/off disposition after service
use of flag: yes/no/folded/drape casket/present to:
memorials or donations
newspapers to contact
military discharge papers
cemetery property deed
insurance policies
additional information or requests
casket: outer contai ner:
person authorized to arrange final details

record of death
date of death
cause of death
place of death
pronounced by:

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