Wednesday, February 8

road trip : day six

The hard part of the trip is now behind me; now there are no schedules to keep, other than being in Grenada tomorrow to handle various financial details.

This morning, I stopped at the National Corvette Museum (Bowling Green KY) for about 90 minutes. I took quite a few photos, but wonder what I took that thousands before me have not.

1958 Corvette in the Mobilgas exhibit

En route from Memphis TN to Jackson MS (on I-55), I passed through Batesville MS (known regionally for a factory outlet mall that has The Usual Suspects -- clothing, china, books). Nearby, I passed the Batesville Casket Company, where both my parents' caskets were made. I wondered what happens if anyone ever stops in for a "factory tour".
Deep thought: I visited Costco last year and noticed they sold caskets, but I didn't inspect it for the manufacturer. I wonder how their sales have been, and if the market will soon be flooded with low-cost imported caskets from China.
Not having constant access to the Internet on this trip was a pain; the local public library in Grenada MS (which I'd used before) had a sign in the window that said "NO INTERNET" with no additional explanation; maybe they didn't pay their ISP's bill? When I get back, I'll have to investigate "sepsis" to see what it's all about.

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Paul Smith said...

Nice car!