Wednesday, February 1

an alternative to The Spin

Instead of watching President Quagmire spew more lies, Jacquie-Bob and I moseyed down to Celebration Restaurant for dinner last night .. I'd never been before. Three of her friends joined us, in what's become a monthly event. None of us gave a flip about the State of the Union address.

Celebration reminded me of a cross between The Black-Eyed Pea (home cookin') and someone's home (several small rooms, with one to six tables each). I munched on blueberry muffins, pot roast, spinach and carrots. All were .. well, okay .. but not spectacular. For home cookin' I prefer The String Bean (not a chain).

Now, my big challenge is making a serious dent in the piles-o-paper that continue to grow at home. Each room is developing a pile, with its own personality. I hope the piles don't become sentient (like Adam & Eve did 6000 years ago, after shifting the continents and burying all those dinosaur bones), and attack me or the pets.

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