Sunday, February 26

yet another Texas embarrassment

In the past two weeks, I've been bombarded with direct mail pieces from Republicans running for every contested office. It's obvious the only real campaign is the March primary; it is acknowledged that even the most feeble Republican will easily defeat an opponent in the November general election. So, the various RINOs (Republican In Name Only) are pouring their money into this race.

In this state, you can vote in either primary (but not both - legally, anyway) so it's possible that Democrats wishing to sabotage an election could vote for a weak Republican in that primary (although .. believe me .. they're not organized enough to pull off such a stunt). The converse is also true.

I've received exactly nada from the Dallas Democrats, who have apparently decided to hibernate, knowing that Texans will vote only when they don't have to think. It all goes back to the sorry state of education here (50th in the nation).

One of the biggest wastes of space is Texas Republican Congre$$man Pete $e$$ion$, who participated in the Tom DeLay Republican Redistricting $candal that forced (very credible) Martin Frost from office. Since then, Congre$$man $e$$ion$ has done exactly nothing but collect a paycheck .. big surprise, huh? Well, I shouldn't say he's done nothing, $ince he did $end me a nice color brochure when it came time to re-elect him. He's unopposed in the primary, so his color brochure is another example of Republicans throwing money away.

Make no mi$take: Texans will re-elect him in the fall, unle$$ he'$ caught in a Real Doozy Of A $candal between now and then. Competence doesn't matter in this state.

Well, at lea$t he didn't take credit for doing anything (in his brochure). The cover $lam$ Democrats (as does the inside - in the vague, unsubstantiated way that Karl Rove ha$ taught them), but the inside repeats the phrase "Pete $e$$ion$ and the Republican-led Congre$$" a few times, while skillfully avoiding taking credit for anything other than fogging a mirror. Yee, hah ...

Me, well .. I'm saving myself for Kinky .. and have no plans to vote in the primary. It'll be the first one I've sat out in what .. 30 years?

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