Tuesday, January 31

papa's got a brand new spring

BANG! Either someone discharged a fararm (i.e. "shot sumbuddy") inside my garage or the torsion spring has broken. Fortunately (?), it was the latter.

Just a second or two after I lowered the garage door (Friday night) I knew what happened. Only once before have I heard a garage door spring break, and it's not pleasant. Since I'm frequently as mechanically adept as President Quagmire is at mispronuncifying nuke-u-ler, I opted to call in a pro to replace it. Odds of my losing a limb or two was high.

One of my neighbors already set my expectations for installation cost, and he was only off by a few dollars. I might've saved some money by buying the spring (rather than pay the pro's markup), but the odds of me getting the correct one were slim-to-none.

Now, I should have 3-8 years' service with the Shiny New Spring, depending on how much I use the opener. As the installer explained, it's like brakes on a car. If you don't use them, you'll never have to replace them (apparently the spring is only tense when the door is up). This replacement comes with a 90-day parts-and-labor warranty, which should be just long enough to determine if it suffers from metal fatigue.

unrelated #0/2: It's time to bring out those coat hangers; abortion will soon be illegal again! (see "Senate Confirms Alito to Supreme Court"). If you think Alito has any intention of not overturning Roe-v-Wade, I have a slightly used garage door spring to sell you:

unrelated #0/3: Most entertaining blogpost du juor: The Southern Strategy (Leiter Reports)

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