Thursday, January 19

conspiracy triangulation

I wasn't always a believer in conspiracy theories, but I'm becoming one.

I don't think it was coincidence that Osama bin Laden's latest threat came at the same time that the Abramoff-Republican Bribery Scandal is happening. The CFRP will do anything to divert attention from their lies and deceit, so they're probably working with al-Qaeda to make sure these tapes air now. I wouldn't be surprised to find the tapes originated in a CIA lab in eastern Virginia, instead of a Pakistani cave. Sure, the CIA has "certified" the tapes to be from bin Laden, but if they created them, what else would you expect them to say?

Meanwhile, I suspect that The Weather Channel® has come under CFRP control, as this landed in my inbox:

A new series from The Weather Channel takes a close look at unbelievable acts of nature that, if they occur, could spell disaster in cities across America. Explore the possibilities and see what is being done to prepare.
The message is clear: "be afraid, all the time. Keep the CFRP in power, indefinitely." Personally, I'm not buying what they're selling anymore. Quick - give me a voting booth ...


William Bob said...

Wait for the sequal: "WHAT IF a 10.0 Earthquake Hit Dallas?"

But seriously, what was the magnitude of the tornado that hit Foat Wuth a few years ago? And didn't an F5 hit downtown OK City recently? The days when we could count on a metropolitan heat island to protect us from Pat Robertson's wrath may be slipping away.

Besides, the planning that goes into the F5 tornado exercise is probably 90% or more applicable to other kinds of disaster. So you mix up the scenarios to keep from getting bored, even if some of them are kind of far fetched.

Then again, there is the risk of setting up the "WOLF" response: after a while people start to ignore you.

William Bob said...

Regarding bin Laden: you may be onto something. How much audio do they have of bin Laden? How hard would it be to create any string of words you want on your PC, especially since he tends to use a lot of vague references (the better to claim that what he threatened / predicted in the past came to pass)? Throw in poor audio quality (after all, contitions in the cave are pretty poor) and you can easily mask any anomalies caused by varying recording levels and such.

Come to think of it, bin Laden could be dust by now and his followers could be doing exactly this, even if the US Gummint isn't.

Gene said...

I heard that the recent audiotape included a reference to something that happened in November.

Another source said the "courier service" bin Laden uses takes 8-12 weeks and passes through 20+ hands en route to al-Jazeera.

Thus, he recent threat isn't in reference to the CIA's airstrike inside Pakistan.

Anyone with computer skills could conceivably weave together an audiotape long after he's dead, by splicing various phrases together. Where's Richard Nixon (king of audiotape) when you need him?