Sunday, January 29

the In Place, downtown

A couple of us gathered today at the Urban Market and Cafe (downtown Dallas) to chat about ways to End World Hunger. I was feeling sang-froid, as usual.

The Urban Market is on the ground floor of the refurbished Interurban Building, and is like a small version of a Whole Foods market, with fresh meat & fish and mostly healthy stuff on the shelves. They have a large number of tables and chairs and can accomodate quite a few people who want a casual brunch.
While there, I decided to sip on a Bolthouse Farms "Perfectly Protein" (vanilla chai tea with soy protein) which was most delicious. Yummm.
They face the challenges of any inner-city grocery: parking is limited (yet nearby) and the shopping carts are about half (one-third?) the size of those in the `Burbs. The patrons probably shop there several times each week since they're typically space-limited in the downtown lofts.

Although Urban Market's been open several months, the banner on the parking structure (as you enter from Jackson Street) still says "URBAN MARKET - COMING SOON!". Oops .. gotta remember to change that Real Soon Now.

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