Tuesday, January 3

prison stripes, size 10 ?

It'll be interesting to watch what happens with Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (Republican) now that Jack Abramoff has agreed to name names. Another advantage of TiVo is the ability to slow/freeze frame anything, so KBH's name lept out at me as I watched the scrolling list of those Republicans whom Abramoff is alleged to have bribed (everything from free basketball tickets on up).

There's no word yet on Texas' other senator (John Cornyn - a real patsy's patsy) but since he's a Republican, odds are he was "on the take" too, as that seems to be a requirement for party membership, starting in 1999. Well, to be fair, some didn't qualify because they accept bribes; some qualified because of their gross incompetence or callous disregard for the US constitution (Cheney, Rove, DeLay, Frist, not to mention President Quagmire Himself).

Aside: since 98.6% of all incumbents are re-elected, Texas will have John Cornyn and his ilk to "represent us" for a few more dozen years. I can hardly wait to see what his next scandal is about ...

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