Thursday, January 12

Microsoft's continued plot: annoy me

Software is fragile. Configuration changes made so carefully and lovingly can disappear in a heartbeat when someone in a faraway land (Redmond, Washington) doesn't think.

And so it happened again yesterday. I dutifully installed the monthly Patch Tuesday updates to Windows, and today I spotted two anomalies.

First, a popup window (presumably aligned with a specific application, yet curiously not mentioned) advises me that (quote) "No connection to the Internet currently exists. Would you like to work offline, or Try Again?"

Second, my email client has been randomly reset to Microsoft Outlook (which I do not use). This means that forking an email to a random friend will now fail, until I find the quasi-obscure setting which allows me to redefine my desired application.
Future reminder: start Internet Explorer. Find the menu: Tools/Internet Options/Programs/Email and flip the mail client, then [Apply].
You'd think after doing this for 20+ years, the programmers at Microsoft would have settled on a methodology which precluded such things from happening, but .. that's not the case.

Reconfiguring the email client won't take terribly long; I suspect Microsoft does this periodically to remind me that They are in control of my computer, and not me. The popup that advises of a lost Internet connection will take longer to troubleshoot. Maybe by February's Patch Tuesday, when things start breaking again?
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Well, now I have to write a preso (don't ask) for delivery in the morning. In the interim, I updated the Sundry on Thursday blog, which should keep you occupied for a few hours ...

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William Bob said...

Since Gene doesn't want to be distracted, and since everyone is keen to know, I thought I'd help out by answering questions about the preso:

January the 23rd is the day when cities across Merka will count their homeless. This special census will be used to dole out grant moneys to help these lost Merkins become productive members of society.

Gene has been identified by the Gummint as having a special bond with the homeless, having been out of work hisself for quite some time.

They have axed him to lead a seminar of census takers to teach them how to approach the homeless in a non-threateneng manner, how to gain their trust, and how to get meaningful answers to the census questions (such as, "How many bathrooms do you have in your cardboard box?")

As you can understand, Gene wants to do a good job on this seminar because he may soon be in need of the very services whose funding depends upon this count. So please respect his wishes and refrain from messaging him by any means until tomorrow afternoon.