Wednesday, January 4

Dave be praised

Pity it was up against The Longest Orange Bowl In History (4.5 hours!) but .. that's why there's TiVo, which can record two shows at once.

Each night, my TiVo faithfully records The Late Show with David Letterman. I usually listen to his 6-joke monologue, then fast-forward to the Top Ten List, then delete the episode ... unless there's an interesting guest. Last night, Bill O'Reilly (certified Radical Right sociopath) from Fox "News" was a guest, and ... it was a classic exchange.

Unlike Jon Stewart's interviews on The Daily Show, Dave didn't pussyfoot around. He started by addressing O'Reilly's "War Against Christmas" fabrication (the only purpose of which was to lure viewers). Not only did Dave opine that 60% of everything O'Reilly says is crap, he challenged him on the War against Cindy Sheehan.

Caveat: I don't usually listen to O'Reilly either, but I'll bet he spins this one as another huge victory - him against Dave. Not only is Fox "News" an American Disgrace, but O'Reilly is the King of That Feces Mound.

Dave: you make me proud. If you're ever in Dallas, stop by and I'll plant one on your lips.

Late update: indeed, O'Reilly attacked Dave on Wednesday's show, calling him a card-carrying member of the "secular progressive movement". O'Reilly The Bully just can't stand it when he's dressed down. Boo Fricking Hoo.


Kevin Donahue said...

My only beef with the whole thing is that Dave could have been more prepared. He had to admit that he hasn't watched O'Reilly - makes him sound like he's just speaking a company line.

Gene said...

If Dave had been the interviewee on O'Reilly's show, I'd agree more!

Yes, Dave should have watched at least one episode of The Factor, although that may have made him even more rabid.