Monday, January 30

Dick's Last Legacy

One week from now, I'll be trying to stay awake listening to an hour-long concall. Yes, I'm going back to work, after several months eating bon-bons and watching Oprah.*
* okay, so I never did either of these during my "time off". No, not once. But it does make for a good story.
Unrelated: kudos to Geoff for the pointer to Rachel's blog, including this gem:
What good is it being a superpower with no enemies to fight, no spectres to scare a population with, no justification for liberty-curtailing laws that make it easier to manage people?
Me think's Rachel's spot-on with this analysis. As much as I loathe being a conspiracy theorist, I'm seeing far too many signs to think otherwise. Sure, President Quagmire doesn't have the brains to make ice (see Southpaw's blog for yet another example), but that doesn't mean that RoveCheney aren't pulling His strings, sufficient to manipulate both He and the growing majority of Americans who are undereducated simpletons. Another example of the intentional dumbing down of the populace: Intelligent Design.

Years ago, I held out hope for a bright future for this country. In the past 10 years or so, I've spotted too many indications that we'll not live up to that lofty goal, in part because Those In Power will do whatever it takes to Remain In Power. Like Cheney said with regard to Global Warming: "What do I care? I won't be alive then anyway." Such a legacy.
* Okay, so both the Slate report, and Will Ferrell's piece are fake. You honestly think Cheney would be stoopid enough to document any of this stuff? Time to play the Ominous Conspiracy Music again ...


alecm said...

just a thought - have you seen "The Power of Nightmares"?

Rachel said...

Thanks for linking to my blog!