Sunday, January 15

beware the ides of January ...

I'm going to stay inside until this full moon is past.

This morning, a couple of us spent an excruciating hour or so trying to feed our faces at a Dallas Waffle House. Turns out the old cook quit, and the new one was slowSlowSLOW (I don't think he'd mastered the skill of preparing more than one order at a time). The waitress (granted, she was no rocket surgeon) didn't know what to do, so she just "mini-quit" and went outside to sit (smoking) in her truck, until enough patrons left so the crowd would be manageable.

I wonder how long it'll be before the QSRs find a way to outsource their food preparation to India or China?

On the way home (5 or 6 hours later) -- not being in the mood to cook -- I decided to stop at a local Chinese restaurant's drive-thru and grab something for the evening meal. There were two cars on front of me - how long would it take? Try 22 minutes. I even attempted to catch up on my sleep, but I kept waking up to the sound of other drivers blowing/honking their horns (as if that would rattle the cages of the oblivious workers inside). Fortunately, I had a copy of War and Peace (only 1408 pages) in the car, and I was able to get halfway through before my turn at the window. Oy.

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