Saturday, January 7

WMF patch makes mouse wheel disappear

I installed Microsoft's WMF patch and soon thereafter, the scroll wheel on my mouse stopped working. In either the Internet Explorer or Firefox browser. Hmmm. The mouse behavior became so erratic that I had to IPL (reboot) the machine, and the scroll wheel reappeared.

As Tonto would say: "Heap strange, Kemo-Sabe."

Alas, it's supposed to be almost 80F here today. I'm starting to suspect this Global Warming Myth ain't a myth.

Unrelated: Texas Governor PrettyHair thinks Texas public school science students should be taught Intelligent Design along with Evolutionary Theory; I guess that makes him an IDiot. Nothing new there, but he'll probably win lots of votes. Remember that Texas is DEAD LAST in education in America, and this should propel us to #51 (of 50) behind Kansas, traditional cellar-dweller Mississippi, and a future state to be named later.
Overheard: "Science Class? What do you need Science fer. Ain't you wanna be a Cheerleader or a Hairdresser no more, and git yew a good huzbun?"

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