Monday, January 16

one door closes, another door opens

Wing & Donuts has closed (I guess this combo just didn't take off), yet Grand Buffet - Chinese food catering to Mexican palates - is about to open. Also, Hedary's (Lebanese cuisine) closed - that building began life as a Taco Bueno, I suspect. I wouldn't want to be in the restaurant business; patrons are too fickle.

Si Chuan Guacamole, anyone?
How about a Moo Shoo Burrito?
Maybe a Lo Mein Tamale?

Unrelated: does anyone want to play a game of Neocon Bingo?

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Geoff Arnold said...

So how come this blog entry keeps on showing up as new and unread in my RSS viewer? I've read it 5 or 6 times.....