Sunday, January 22

Irving's parting gesture

Two stories in today's Dallas Managed News caught my eye:

1 - The city of Irving wants to increase their take for Dallas Cowboys tickets. For the average seat, that'll increase the price 10% from $66 to $73. To that, add an extra $3 per carload (I'm guessing the average SUV holds what - 9 fans each?). Also, as a way of saying "thanks" to Jerry Jones for moving the team to Arlington, the city wants to levy a $5000/player/game fee. Ever the spendthrift, I'm guessing Jerry will only suit up 22 players per game, to minimize the fees.

2 - A seemingly unrelated story says the number of homeless people in Dallas has risen to 9124 (from just under 6000). They blame part of that on the refugees from Louisiana. Silly me - I assumed they were all either in permanent housing, or still in hotels (until the FEMA money runs out).
Deep Thought # 47/3: I wonder how many Dallas Cowboys fans will become homeless as a result of the new ticket prices. It's a well-known fact that die-hard Cowboys fans buy tickets before things like food, rent, insurance, even cheerleader uniforms!

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