Tuesday, January 10

destination: Plano

It just makes you feel good to be alive, doesn't it? Naturally, I'm talking about David Letterman's dramatic reading of the lyrics to Love Train (by The O'Jays) on Monday night's show. Ah, the air smells crisper, and the birds are chirping sweeter this morning. The dew is a bit damper, and Tom DeLay is marginally slimy-er. It's a new day in America!

In unrelated news, I moseyed by The Bowling Alley last night to watch The Crumbleys in inaction, along with the other Pin Pals. While the lanes themselves are smoke-free, the lounge (bar/pool tables) area is not, and I was a bit surprised that it's turned into a destination unto itself. I felt that I'd momentarily taken a wrong turn and ended up in a strange, foreign land. Then I realized that, yes - I was in Plano.

Note to self: someday Real Soon Now, go to Poor Richard's (fine dining establishment) and see what all the fuss is about.

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