Friday, January 6

of spyware and paper

A few days ago, I blogged about updating the Restricted Sites list in MS-IE; I ran SpyBot last night, and it showed zero instances of spyware on that PC (there are usually more than a dozen per week). Very cool. Now I just have to remember to keep The List updated.

Normally, I'd just stuff the following in my Sundry on Thursday blog, but this is of such worldwide importance that I simply must mention this Straight Dope column here: How did 8½x11 and 8½x14 become the standard paper sizes?. After reading that, my heart is beating at high warp.

Unrelated: Men's Fitness magazine's ranking of the fattest cities in the country is out. Dallas was 6th fattest in 2004 and has "risen" to 4th fattest in 2005! Woo hoo!! Let's break out the fried barbecue and pork rinds to celebrate!

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