Sunday, January 8

Sunday blahs

There are still a few hours left, but today's been one of those throwaway days.

I didn't even fetch the newspaper from the sidewalk until 10:30 or so (there are days in the past when I moseyed outside at 5:30am and was miffed that it wasn't there yet).

I watched two (TiVo'd) episodes of The Office (US version) and was mildly impressed that they seem to have found their American wings. The earliest episodes of this series were "direct translations" of the UK version, and it just didn't work. Now, they have some of the same interaction issues (office romances that Don't Quite Work, etc.) but it plays to our Yank sensibilities. Also, Steve Carell isn't trying to be David Brent, but is evolving his character into a different Incompetent Boss role. I'll watch it again, to be sure.

Late morning, Judy-Bob called and wanted to do brunch at Monica's (in Deep Ellum) so we did that, but very few people were there -- maybe only nine tables. It could be due to the NFL playoffs, or maybe those rumors of the demise of the area are true. To be fair, the personality of Deep Ellum on Sunday morning, and that of Saturday night, are wildly different. And yes, Trish-Bob, the rumor is true: Trees has closed.

While fidgeting under the car seat, we found an unfamiliar cellphone. I turned it on, and thought the registered number looked familiar, and was not completely unsurprised to find my home number in the Outgoing Call Log. Whoever "lost it" is one of my friends, right?

Later, I searched my PDA and found that the number belonged to a group we'd done business with over 6 months ago! It's true; this Nokia phone still had enough standby battery to last under my car seat without a recharge for 6+ months! Amazing. The mystery of the phone is solved, and I'll return it to the service provider to be used in a battered women's shelter or other noble cause.

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