Friday, January 20

coming soon: FUD Light (not the beer)

A week or so ago, a light appeared on my car's dashboard:
SERVICE ENGINE SOON. This sounds semi-important, so I asked The Repair Guys (who have The Toys needed to converse with the onboard computer) to have a look. Turns out ...

1 - there are about 150 things this message could mean;

2 - my thermostat assembly isn't feeling well, and needs replacing. One of the technicians said he's amazed this part is still made (mostly) of plastic, and has been A Problem Child ever since the model was introduced;

3 - another common reason this light comes on is because the fuel tank cap hasn't been tightened. That wasn't my problem this time.

This model car was discontinued in 2005; perhaps the E90 will change the warning to read:

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TrshTwns01 said...

Yeah, my 'Check engine' light came on about *ahem* a month ago. I need to get it checked out. The car seemed to be running fine, but lately I've noticed in long idles a sort of sputtering.

Guess I need to take it in soon, huh?