Sunday, April 9

bad day to get your car washed

I'm guessing the fast food places had long lines today, due to the all the illegals calling in sick. There are plans to repeat this "protest" on Monday, May 1st.

data point #1: The NCTCOG* says the Metroplex population is over 6.2 million.

data point #2: Dallas Police say 350,000 to 500,000 people marched downtown today.

Personally, I seriously doubt the DPD can count correctly. Regardless, I presume the majority were Mexicans, who crossed the border without bothering to complete the paperwork. No word on how many of the 350,000+ boarded trains at Union Station, for a free ride back to Mexico.
* North Central Texas Council of Governments
It's a pity nobody every bothered enforcing the Immigration Reform & Control Act of 1986, which has been on the books since the Dark Days of the Reagan Amnesty Program. It makes it illegal to hire an illegal .. maybe the double negative was interpreted as a positive?

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