Saturday, April 8

over 1 million points served

I've been running the UD Agent for over 4 years on my oldest PC, and I just noticed that I bypassed one million points on/about January 21st. I'm currently at 1,082,944 points* and adding 1,070 more each day, running three instances of the UD Agent. Pity this software doesn't run on anything except MS-Windows. It's quite unobtrusive, but I wish they'd make a tweak to the way it handles proxies. One of my PCs goes that route part of the week, and the UD Agent isn't smart enough to bypass the proxy when the VPN is disabled. I have other software that is smart enough to look for alternatives when the network connection fails.
* 583,753 since joining The Team
The active projects haven't changed in awhile: United Devices Cancer Research and Human Proteome Folding. I wonder how much of the data from earlier, now completed projects (United Devices Cancer Research Project, Phase I; Smallpox Research Grid Project; United Devices Anthrax Research Project) was found to be useful?

A few years ago, I was asked to join a team; now there are 45 active members, and I've moved up to 6th place in Points, and 9th in Results. I wonder when I can expect my Certificate of Achievement in the smail (snail mail).
 Reference architectureProcessorMemoryStorageNetwork
100"High-end Desktop System"
(Pentium IV)
1.5 GHz384 MB5 GB1.54 Mbps
and then my 3 instances in comparison:
124AMD Duron0.8 GHz512 MB10 GB2.68 Mbps
205AMD Sempron 3000+2.0 GHz1 GB10 GB2.68 Mbps
220AMD Athlon XP 3200+2.2 GHz2 GB10 GB2.68 Mbps

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