Monday, April 17


At the time, I didn't know I was part of a conspiracy .. but now I know.

At about 5:30pm today, the electricity went out. Tonight, I see a Dallas Managed News article that says ERCOT was forcing rolling blackouts on us because the high temperature (101F) meant a lot of us were using the air conditioning, while TXU had many generators offline for Spring Cleaning.

Fortunately, all my computers are on UPS and were automagically shut down (although the HP Pavilion - which has suddenly become Ultra Flaky, apparently due to a bad video device driver) didn't need the excitement.

a view of APC's PowerChute after today's rolling blackout.

Apparently I was lucky, and only had a 5-minute outage. Some of the comments on the DMN's website said power was off 45 minutes for some folks.

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Anonymous said...

Generators offline for "spring cleaning"? Is that what you really think? Boy will you be broadsided in six months to two years time.