Saturday, March 31

DST part 10 *

It'll be interesting to see how many people have Daylight Saving Time issues tomorrow, when their older devices Spring Forward automagically, after their owners did so manually three weeks ago. I don't think any of my gadgets fall into that category, but .. anything's possible.

I only outed two of my co-workers who thought they'd sidestepped the DST issues by manually adjusting their (Windows XP) PC's clocks. Turns out their email messages appeared out-of-sequence in any message threads where the messages were sent within an hour of their arrival. Busted!

Amusingly, both appeared shocked (shocked, I tell you!) that I easily figured out that they didn't patch their systems. Turns out neither of them Trusts Microsoft so they routinely go through life not running Windows Update and thus having fully patched systems. Idiots, both.

* 10 in binary = 2 in decimal. But, you knew that, right?

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