Tuesday, March 6

turning Orange into Green

About six years ago, I opened a small savings account with ING Direct. It's certainly not large, and I've never done much with it other than watch a little interest land, a few times a year.

So, although it won't impact them much, I've decided to close the account, as my way of saying "thanks" for being such a proud sponsor of Ann Coulter's website. Personally, I've lost any faith that even the conservatives will be able to contain this clown, so it's the least I can do. Matter of fact, what I'll do is take the money from that ING Orange Savings account and give it to the John Edwards campaign. I'm sure that'll please both parties.

Worth noting: I don't see ANY ads on Coulter's site today - only a "You Can Prevent Forest Fires" public service item - and (of course) links to buy Ann's mental garbage books. Interesting.

Update: I called ING today but was unable to close the account, because they wanted my PIN number, which I've never used (far as I know). So, they're going to mail me a new PIN and I'll be able to call them and cancel the account in a few days. I can hardly wait.

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