Friday, March 23

see ya'll again on Sunday!

Sunday afternoon update:

At midnight Friday, my home became eerily quiet. When I shutdown everything, the fans inside my PCs ceased their background noise. Several times throughout the day Saturday, I started to wander in and Google something, but then caught myself. That night, I could hear not only the crickets chirp, but the dew dropping off the leaves outside (not to mention the Love Sounds of the Neighborhood Cats, but that's another story).

One of the decisions I had to make was what to shut down (most everything has an IC in it these days) .. so I opted for anything with local storage. So, I powered down my (Linux) server; my 4 "desktop/deskside" PCs; and even my TiVo (although it still records stuff even when on Standby). So I wouldn't tempt myself, I turned off the DSL modem/router, too. I didn't power anything back up until Insomnia Time this morning (about 0330) and even then, only one thing at a time - several PCs are still off.

I tried to give feedback on the Shutdown Day website, but got a rather rude reply:
Your IP address is banned
I can only guess that they're using some software which has banned everyone using at&t's DSL service, since someone spammed from there. If I had a static IP address, I might complain, but since I have a dynamic address, there's not much I can do. This is the first time I've ever seen such a thing. Oh well .. his loss.

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