Tuesday, April 29


No wonder the Dallas Managed News is losing subscribers hand-over-fist (they've lost more subscribers than any paper in the country). Not only are their subscribers fed up with the ├╝ber right wing editorial slant (didn't they notice the election results?) but their incompetence in even the basics is amazing.

Case in point is the recent (several days ago) decision by a DMN Rocket Scientist to rename their blogs .. without telling anyone. I only noticed because I've grown accustomed to checking their RSS feed every day or so (after changing to the Weekend Only [physical] Edition) and noticed that nothing had updated since the 24th. Usually if there's nothing one day, it can be ascribed to a technical fault and will self-correct the following day.

So, today I decided to navigate their website to see if they were still blogging -- perhaps they simply stopped without communicating (something newspapers are supposedly good at). Sure enough, the blogs were still there, although they had been renamed AND the RSS feed addresses had changed - radically. I double-checked the old feed, and there was no polite indication that this was about to happen. What idiots!

I manually made the corrections and can now see things again. I suspect 98.3% of those who were subscribed to the old feeds won't be able to figure it out, and the DMN will have lost additional (online) readers.

Perhaps one day they'll wake up. Hopefully before 21 Dec 2012 (when the world ends).

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