Saturday, April 26

fail to plan = plan to fail

Tomorrow is the last day of the USA Film Festival 2008 at the Angelika. A few nights ago, I went there to see the documentary America Unchained (2007) and was pleasantly amused at this quirky effort.

The film dealt with a pair of Brits who wanted to cross the continental USA without using any of the chains - restaurants, motels and gas stations. Without spoiling too much of the plot, suffice it to say that although I found it repetitive and woefully uneven, I still gave it a solid B for the effort. Most of the audience seemed to agree, as there were plenty of laughs to be had during their American Walkabout (so to speak).

This leads me to a word of advise for anyone planning their summer vacation around such an attempt: your lives will be much happier if you do advance planning, especially when it comes to the locations of independent gas stations.

Heck, I don't even know if I could pull this off here in The Big City .. non-chain restaurants are easy to find, and non-affiliated motels aren't scarce .. but independent gas stations? I'm not sure where to look (although now I'll probably notice them as I drive around). The same thing happened many years ago when a friend asked where any Nail Salons are located, and I professed ignorance. Soon thereafter, it became obvious that there are far more of them than Starbucks locations .. and that's saying a lot.

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