Monday, April 28

sweet tooth

I suppose this posting is for historical amusement only. I got an email from a local retailer (Micro Center, if you must know) offering various capacity USB drives (private label).

Over the years I've often noted that capacity-oriented items (memory, disc, etc.) have a calculable Best Value, a/k/a the product's Sweet Spot. Today, that appears to be the 8 GB thumb drives:
CapacityRetail PriceCost Per GB
1 GB (silver)$6.99$6.99
2 GB (blue)$9.99$4.99
4 GB (black)$15.99$3.99
8 GB (green)$24.99$3.12 ("sweet spot")
16 GB (red)$59.99$3.75
Unlike hard discs, few people seem to care that USB drives vary in access speed. I do like the fact that Micro Center is color-coding their drives (1 GB=silver, etc) making it easier to choose an appropriate one.

Deep Thought: It would've been nicer if they'd used an industry standard color scale (e.g. ROY G. BIV) when assigning a color to a given capacity, but .. nobody asked me.

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